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The Likewise Music Group exists as a simple, yet effective, pipeline for worship leaders connected to the Likewise Worship community to share their music and ministry with the world. Our greatest desire is to build up and unify the Body of Christ by partnering with gifted worship leaders that are serving in churches of all sizes and releasing music that reflects the heart of God and is deeply rooted in His living Word.  

Our “Ancient Modern” vision and musical approach creates a bridge to all generations and cultures that follow Jesus to help fulfill His deep desire for His people… “That they may ALL be ONE as Christ and the Father are One.” John 17:21 – It is our hope that the music that releases from LMG embraces the roots, history and foundation of our faith (ancient) and reaches deep into the culture and generations to come with the Gospel (modern). 

Our partnership with Integrity Music in Nashville, TN has opened up a distribution channel that allows us to have industry experts walking alongside us as we develop songs and artists.  


Likewise Music Group operates under the umbrella of Likewise Worship Inc. a Non-Profit 501c3 ministry that aims to develop and deploy a new generation of humble worship leaders. To learn more about Likewise Worship, please visit,

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